Great Independence Hall Inaugurates New Marshalls

By: Maduabuchi Nnamdi

On the 7th of October 2023, the Great Independence Hall held their Marshall’s Inauguration at the JCR. The main aim of the Inauguration was to give the newly admitted members an orientation and provide the old ones with a refresher on how they are to perform their duties.

In attendance were the representatives of the CSO of the University of Ibadan, the Hall Warden of Independence Hall, the AG of Independence Hall, the CTO of Man-o-War, and the previous Defense Commissioner of the Hall.

Other executive members in attendance were the SOS, the current Defense Commissioner, the PRO, and the Social and Buttery Commissioner of the great Independence Hall.

The Representatives of the CSO of the University of Ibadan gave opening speech at the event. Out of the 2 representatives, Mr Ajagbe Akinjide advised the recruits on the function and work of security personnel, and what was to be expected in the reports of the Defence Commissioner; truth, honesty, and a lack of bias.

He informed them that not only were they to protect members of society from the dangers of criminals, but they were also supposed to protect suspects from the wrath of the members of society in the form of jungle justice.

“You don’t just save your people from the dangers of criminals but also save the suspects so as not to be done jungle justice to”. He added.

He further stressed the importance of balancing their duties as Marshalls and what was expected of them academically, stating that security personnel like themselves should also be exemplary in academics as well. They should not focus solely on their duties and neglect their reason for coming to school in the first place.

Also, he outlined the rules of engagement for arresting a suspect, telling them not only to apprehend the suspect but to ensure their safety until they are handed over to the correct authority.

The Hall Warden of Great Independence Hall, Dr. A. O. Adejumobi spoke about the opportunities the Marshalls could get while serving the hall, warned them to be cautious when they are recruiting, and to keep an eye out for people who may have suicidal tendencies.

The CTO of Man-o-War revealed that Man-O-War is also ready to assist the Marshalls in any way they can posing the assurance of the hall safety.

Finally, the AG gave a speech of thanks to the officials and people who visited and to appreciate all the Marshalls present for the work they do.

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