Breaking: UI’SU Commences Congress

By: Emmanuel Utibe

On Saturday 14th of October 2023, the University of Ibadan Students’ Union (UI’SU) at the Students’ Union building Foyer, gathered to hold a Congress – a general meeting of students – at 7am, which was called in line with Article XIX of the Union’s Constitution.

The Union president who by the constitution is the chairman of the congress declared the congress open at 9:25 AM, and it will kick-start with gyrations.

The congress was initially scheduled for 7am but then the low turnout of students which was not up to the required quorum by the constitution was what delayed the commencement of the congress. Still, the minimum number of 500 students hasn’t been reached. And without that number, no decision can be made.

The congress is a general meeting for all University of Ibadan Students and so all students who are not yet present at the congress are encouraged to make their way down as all decisions made at the congress would be binding on everybody.

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