Breaking: University of Ibadan Students’ Union Yet to Commence Congress

On Saturday 14th of October 2023, the University of Ibadan Students’ Union (UI’SU) at the Students’ Union building Foyer was suppose to hold a Congress – a general meeting of students – at 7am, which was called in line with Article XIX of the Union’s Constitution.

However, over two hours later, the congress is yet to start.

By the Provisions of the constitution, it is required that to form a quorum – the minimum number required for any such meeting’s decision to be considered binding – the minimum number of students present at the congress must be 500.

As at the time of this report, looking through the attendance booklet for the congress it was seen that the current population at the congress is not up to 200, which is not even up the number of students lodged in a single block in any of the Halls of residence.

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