Realtors Continent Holds Real Estate Conference

By: Sonaike Peter

On Saturday, the 14th of October, 2023, Realtors Continent instigated a real estate conference at the social sciences’ faculty Large Lecture Theatre(LLT).

The real estate conference which commenced at 11pm had the attendance of Mr. Olamide, a real estate manager, Professor Bernard Owumi, a lecturer in the Department of Sociology, as well as some key personalites and attendees.

During the course of the program, Mr. Hammed, a student of sociology and one of the converners of the event exposed the opportunities attached to doing a real estate business and how the business has ushered a new era of financial growth in his life.

“I have been in this business since 2019, It is a registered one and it has helped me to improve and build my network,” Mr  Hammed told Indy.

Meanwhile, during the event, Mr olamide shared the story of his journey in the real estate stating how he started from being an Uber driver to now a fortunate realtor.

“I was an Uber driver and one day I went to pick a passenger. We started talking and all of a sudden he reacieved a call after which he began to leap for joy.

“Out of curiosity, I asked him what happened and he told he had just made a deal of 33 million of which 10% was his profit from the real estate, that very day, I ceased to be a driver and proceeded into real estate business and within the 18 months of doing real estate business, I became a real estate manager”

In the course of the programe, Professor Bernard Owumi enlightened the audience on entrepreneurship. He emphasised on the need for the younger generation to think outside the box.

“One of the ways we can improve and change our wellbeing is to innovate and the innovation is the real estate.

“Some of us have brains but we do not know how to use it. The need to become people who can think and mobilise cannot be overemphasized,” Prefessor Bernard addressed the audience.

At the event, there was an interactive session and there were giveaways in form of cash and tee-shirts to some attendees.

The convener of the event, Mr. Hammed, while speaking with Indy press said the realtor continent is a plantform where one can have his financial dreams acheived and there is no fee attached to becoming a member.

He further informed that realtor continent is employing fifty unites that will reach out to her.

“Realtor continent has a lot of potentials and opportunities and the best time to start is now.

“If you are a content creator, have a digital skills and have experience in digital marketing, you are fit for the business. Currently, the realtor contingent is willing to employ 50 Uites that will reach out,” Mr. Hammed told Indy press.

The program which started around, ended around 3pm.

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