Department of Food Technology Celebrates World Food Day At ISI

By: Kelvin Omachonu 

The Department of Food Technology held an event at the International School Ibadan in commemoration of the World Food Day on Tuesday, 17th of October.

The event kicked off at exactly 8:30 at ISI, and it was specifically targeted at SS3 students of the school. Some of the notable dignitaries present were Dr Ayodele Rotimi Ipeaiyeda, who is the deputy director of UI Waters.

Also, Dr Oladunjoye, the staff adviser was also present. The event was sponsored by Handyware, and the Quality Assurance Manager, Mrs Mariam Adefeso was present alongside the production manager Mr Stanley.

The invited guests took time to speak to the secondary students about the importance of water and good diets to their health. They also entertained questions from some of them.

The executives from the department of food technology were also present at the events. The president of the department Oyedola Olayinka Daniel, vice president Oluwasakin Boluwatife, and the social director Olorunsola Olamide Deborah, who anchored the event all took turns to speak to the students.

The event ended by 10am, and the president was quite elated with how the event went.

“This was one of our campaign promises, so I am happy we were able to do it,” he told Indy Press.

“We targeted the SS3 students and I was impressed with the turnout of the students.”

Some of the students who participated in the event won gift items for answering questions during the interactive session.

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