Boys Without Borders Nigeria Set to Launch at Obafemi Awolowo University, Seeks Pioneer Leaders

Boys Without Borders, a dedicated group of boy-child advocates with an impact range of more than 1000 boy-children is gearing up to establish a new campus network at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU). In light of this development, the organization is actively seeking  student leaders to spearhead their initiatives on the university’s campus.

Speaking on the expansion, Timileyin Akinmoyeje, BWB’s Director of Campus Network and Volunteer Engagement, said that the organization is looking to recruit the best hands to pioneer boy child advocacy in OAU, Ile-ife and Osun state as a whole. Akinmoyeje added that the chance is open to all OAU students, regardless of gender.

“We’ve been tirelessly advocating for the boy-child within our sphere, yet the impact potential is vast. We require more dedicated individuals to take up the mantle. Presently, we are in search of leaders—individuals we can empower to initiate and lead the charge on OAU’s campus. It’s crucial to understand that advocacy knows no gender boundaries; anyone who believes they are up to the task is encouraged to apply.” He explained in an interview with our correspondent. 

As disclosed by BWB’s publicity department, the organization is seeking candidates who embody the following characteristics:

  1. Passionate Advocates: These are individuals who firmly believe in the transformative power of education, gender equality, and advocacy. They fearlessly tackle sensitive subjects like sexual education and identity with constructive and empathetic approaches.
  2. Experienced Trailblazers: Candidates with prior leadership experience, particularly in the realms of advocacy or community service, are highly encouraged to apply. Their leadership skills will be instrumental in shaping the future of BWB X OAU.
  3. Motivated Change-Makers: Aspiring leaders driven by a genuine desire to make an impact, rather than merely occupying a position. Their motivation is reflected in their enthusiasm, unwavering passion for the cause, and their commitment to putting in the necessary effort.
  4. Skilled Innovators: Beyond their dedication, applicants are expected to bring unique skills to the team, whether it’s proficiency in event planning, communication, project management, or other valuable talents.
  5. Connected and Reputable: Candidates should be able to provide character references and demonstrate leadership potential. Their network, whether within the university or the broader community, should testify to their influence and credibility.
  6. Committed and Available: Effective time management and a commitment to maintaining a balance between various responsibilities, while prioritizing their role in BWB X OAU, is crucial. Their academic pursuits should not hinder their dedication to the cause.

The recruitment period is set to run from Monday, October 23 to Saturday, October 28, 2023. Interested students are encouraged to apply via this link.

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