SEALS Cup: Philosophy show spirit, down POS to win lackluster final

By: Kelvin Omachonu 

Philosophy defeated Political Science on penalties to win the final of the SEALS Cup last Wednesday at the SUB Pitch.

The Faculty of Art big boys were pitched against Social Sciences’ giants Political Science in the final of the SEALS Cup. POS claimed a big wig in the semis, shocking MBBS, and they were looking to replicate that feat in the final against favourites Philosophy.

The SUB Pitch was filled to the brim with fans and spectators. They were looking to be entertained with some combustive, quick-witted football, but it did not turn out that way.

Both teams started the game in a drab manner, as both of them failed to show enough quality in the middle of the park. However, POS soon broke through, with Malik Oyelayo scoring after some beautiful, connective passes in midfield.

After going in front, POS increased their intensity for the next five minutes to get a cushion. However, Philosophy just managed to stay in the game. Nonetheless, POS took their lead into the break.

The second half was still a drab affair, with both departments failing to create much in the final third. It looked like POS were just going to glide to the championship with their one-goal lead, but a mistake from their goalkeeper cost them. His goal kick was blocked by the Philosophy striker, who won a free-kick after he was fouled.

Then, Awolowo took charge of the free-kick and sent a superb curler into the net to draw level. That goal was enough to drag the game into penalties.

Eventually, Philosophy won the final after beating POS 6-5 on penalties.

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