Breaking: SRC Approves #202,500 Budget For First Semester Mock Exams

By: Oyeyinka Gideon

The 10th assembly of the SU Students’ Representative Council, during her sitting held on Saturday, 4th November, 2023, approved the sum of #202,500 as the budget for the Students’ Union tutorials and mock exams for first semester of the 2023/2024 academic session.

The academic committee, led by the Students’ Union Vice President, Ogunsesan Nafisat, presented the budget on the floor of the house and explained that the tutorials covers 5 general courses and 2 GES courses.

In her words, “we limited the number of courses available to just 7 general courses, like CHE 156, PHY 103 and the likes, because a large number of people offer those courses and these mock exams are to test the level of preparedness of the students for the upcoming exams.”

Details of the budget include:
Printing Cost: #126,000
Envelopes: #1,000
Refreshment for Tutors: #20,000
Refreshment for Supervisors: #25,000
Refreshment for Committee Members: #11,400
Logistics: #10,000
Miscellaneous: #9,100.

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