Tedder Vs ABH, Kuti Vs Bello… — Interesting Jaw War Ties As TLDS Releases Draw

By: Maduabuchi Nnamdi

On the 11th of November 2023, the Literary and Debate Society held a press conference to announce the draws for the 2024 Jaw War debate competition.

Faculty Draws

First Round

The results of the faculty draws were as follows:

Faculty of Arts vs Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Topic: “Agriculture: the Solution to Nigeria’s Wealth Creation”

Proposing: Arts

Faculty of Environmental Design Management (EDM) vs Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences (BMS)

Topic: “Private Sector Dominance: a Viable Solution to Healthcare Delivery in Africa”

Proposing: EDM

Faculty of Public Health vs Faculty of Dentistry

Topic: “Is the NYSC program still relevant in Modern Nigeria?”

Proposing: Public Health

Faculty of Social Sciences vs Faculty of Pharmacy

Topic: “Corporations should be required to remain politically neutral in their operations”

Proposing: Social Sciences

Faculty of Economics vs Faculty of Science

Topic: “Media Freedom: Pillar of Democracy or Tool for Political Manipulation”

Proposing: Economics

Faculty of Law vs Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources (RNR)

Topic: “Is counterbalancing effective in preventing coups?”

Proposing: Law

Faculty of Education vs Faculty of Technology

Topic: “Regional Trading Blocs are More Effective at Promoting Economic Integration in Africa than Continental Initiatives”

Proposing: Education

Faculty of Clinical Sciences vs Faculty of Agriculture

Topic: “Should Social Media Platforms be held Responsible for the Spread of Misinformation?”

Proposing: Clinical Sciences

Second Round (Quarterfinals)

Draws were also made for the second round of the competition.

The winners of the Arts-Veterinary and EDM-BMS debates will face each other to debate the topic, “Is Austerity a Valid Economic Policy for Reducing National Debt?”. The winner of the Arts-Veterinary debate would propose.

Public Health-Dentistry debate winner, who would be proposing, would face off against the Social Sciences-Pharmacy winner on the topic “Foreign Aid: Enabling Sufficiency or Perpetuating Dependency in African Nations”.

The winner of the Economics-Science debate would propose against the winner of the Law-RNR debate on the topic “Protectionist Trade Policies or Free Trade: a More Effective Tool to Africa’s Economic Growth”

Finally, the winners of the Education-Technology debate would face off against either Clinical Sciences or Agriculture. They would be proposing that “Modern Media has done more harm than good to Nigeria’s Democracy”

Third Round (Semifinals)

Those who make it to this round will debate the topics “Globalization at the Risk of Cultural Erosion: a Worthy Cause?” and “Does Formal Education Prepare Students for the Workforce in Africa?”.

Hall Draws

First Round

In the first round of draws, each hall was paired against an opponent and given a topic. They would debate against their opponent’s topic and debate for their topic in two legs of debate.

The draws were as follows

Kuti vs Sultan Bello

First Leg: “Government Subsidies in Nigeria: Boon or Burden?” (Kuti’s topic)

Second Leg: “Should Nigeria Consider BRICS as a Promising Platform to Diversify Its International Alliances” (Bello’s topic)

Kenneth Mellanby vs Queen Idia

First Leg: “Student Loan Act: a Lifeline to Nigeria’s Students” (Mellanby)

Second Leg: “Government Regulation of Birth Rate for Population Control: Justifiable?” (Idia)

Queen Elizabeth II vs Nnamdi Azikiwe

First Leg: “Should a Second Term be Canceled for Political Office Holders?” (Queen’s)

Second Leg: “Media Regulation: Stifling Press Freedom in Nigeria” (Zik)

Lord Tedder vs Alexander Brown

First Leg: “Should Genetic Engineering be Used to Modify Human Embryo?” (Tedder)

Second Leg: “A Unified Currency for Africa: Beneficial or Detrimental?” (ABH)

Obafemi Awolowo vs The Great Independence

First Leg: “Is the Removal of Fuel Subsidy in Nigeria Justified?” (Awo)

Second Leg: “Foreign Direct Investment is doing more harm than good to African Economies” (Indy)

Second Round (Quarterfinals)

The winner of the Kuti-Bello debate would propose against the Mellanby-Idia winner on the topic “Is Cancel Culture a Credible Form of Protest?”

The Queens-Zik winner would be on the proposing side against the Tedder-ABH debate winner on the topic “Did European Colonisation in Africa Have a Positive or Negative Impact on It?”

The Best Loser of the first round would face off against the hall that would win in the Awo-Indy debate, who would be proposing the topic “Nigerian Prison System: a Valid Tool for Reformation”.

Third Round (Semifinals)

The topics for the winners and the best losers of the second round will face off in the third round and will debate the topics “Universal Basic Income: a Solution to Income Inequality in Africa” and “Should Corporate Social Responsibility be a Legal Requirement for Corporation?”.

The meeting was graced by the presence of the UI’SU president, Samuel Tobiloba, and the UI’SU vice president, Ogunsesan Nafisat.

In an interview with Aweda Bolaji, the TLDS President, when asked how he feels about the draws he said, “I think it’s fantastic. I’m particularly excited about the Kuti-Bello rematch. They met in the finals of Jaw War this year and now they have an opportunity to fight it out. The Tedder-ABH is a fixture to be there for.

“Indy and Awo were friends in last year’s UI’SU election, so it would be nice to see how friends fight.”

The meeting ended around 1:30pm and the attendants were asked to repost the draw result with the hashtags #RoadtoICC #JawWar2024.

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