Mellanby Hall Executive Council Announces Resolutions On Transfer Charges, Price Regulation, and State of Cafeteria

By: Aduwo Ayodele

The Kenneth Mellanby Hall Executive Council, University of Ibadan, on 11th January, 2024 has announced that there will be no more collection of transfer charges on any purchasing transaction within the hall.

Jointly signed by the Hall Chairman, Olabanji Olaniyan and his Secretary, Makinde Ayodele, the release which was made public after a joint meeting by the hall executive council, stakeholders in the hall, price regulation committee and vendors in the hall, also, agreed and announced that a price list for essential commodities would be published monthly.

“Due to the disparity in prices of essential commodities in the hall the price regulation committee would be publishing a monthly price list for the commodities which represents a fair value for students and vendors” the statement read.

Addressing the quality and quantity of food within the hall which has seen a decline and have been marred by several complaints, the Council has announced that the Health and Bursary Committee will have a follow up meeting with the vendors to evaluate the state of the cafeteria.

“The quality and quantity of food in the hall has been on decline and a list of complaints has been given to the vendors with a demand for immediate resolution. The Health and Buttery Committee would have a follow up meeting with the vendors to reassess the state of the cafeteria and ensure compliance” the statement added.

In a separate chat with IndyPress, the Hall Chairman of Kenneth Mellanby Hall, Olabanji Olaniyan has explained that the motivation for the recent move is hinged on the need to project the welfare of residents in the hall.

“The major motivation was the welfare of students in the hall. If small transgressions accumulate over time it leads to bigger ones. Paying a transfer charge every time you make a transaction is not something average students can afford. We

conducted an online survey and the decision by the generality of participants was to scrap the charges. So we acted upon that” the Hall Chairman said.

“I feel the public are pleased with this decision. There were several meetings before we reached this conclusion. And so far everyone has been compliant with the resolution” he added.

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