News: Independence Hall Legislative Council, Rebuffs Finance Commissioner’s Income and Expenditure Analysis

By: Gideon Oyeyinka


On Sunday, 21st January, 2024, the Legislative Council of The Great Independence Hall, rejected the income and expenditure analysis, presented by the Finance Commissioner.

In a plenary session held at the Indy Hall Cafeteria, the Finance Commissioner, Mr. Afolabi David, presented just an overview of the income and expenditure of the Hall’s account, which was immediately rejected by the house for its lack of comprehensive analysis.

The Speaker, Rt. Hon Olaoye Samuel, “we can’t work with this half-page document you submitted to us, as this cannot even be vetted by the audit committee. Next time, we don’t expect a one-page document, as an income and expenditure analysis isn’t usually one page, it’s a comprehensive breakdown of how money came in and was spent.”

The House agreed to give the Finance Commissioner till the next sitting which would be later communicated, to present a comprehensive analysis of the Hall’s income and expenditure.

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