Professor Olapegba Calls For Renewed Emphasis on Scouting For Youth Development

By: Ajadi Sodiq

In a recent address at the Year 2024 Annual General Meeting of the Scout Association of Nigeria, Professor Peter O. Olapegba, FNPA, President of the Oyo State Scout Council and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Administration at the University of Ibadan, advocated for a revitalized approach to scouting to empower and develop the youth.

Speaking at the gathering held at the Oyo Local Association Campsite, Professor Olapegba emphasized the importance of reinforcing the foundational principles of scouting. He highlighted the significance of strengthening scouting activities in primary and secondary schools, underlining that the resilience of the scouting movement lies in its grassroots engagement.

Addressing the theme of the meeting, “Going Back to the Basics: Strengthening the Foundation,” Professor Olapegba underscored the need to prioritize fundamental scouting values for sustained impact on youth development. He stressed that nurturing discipline among young individuals is paramount for building a prosperous and sustainable future.

“It  is a call to service and a rare opportunity to contribute his quota to the development of the Scout movement, not just in Oyo State but in Nigeria and the global space.” He said.

Reflecting on his experience with scouting, Professor Olapegba shared how the movement had profoundly influenced his character development since his introduction to it at a young age. He expressed gratitude for being entrusted with the role of President of the Association, pledging his commitment to advancing scouting initiatives within Oyo State and on a national and global scale.

“I was introduced to scouting at the tender age of 10 years as a primary five pupil in St. Paul’s African Church Primary School, Lanlate, and the scouting years made a lasting impression on me ever since then”  He revealed.

As part of his agenda, Professor Olapegba outlined plans to breathe new life into dormant scout chapters, introduce scouting programs in schools lacking such initiatives, and support underprivileged students’ participation by providing necessary resources.

The meeting was attended by a dedicated group of individuals described as selfless contributors to society, who reiterated their commitment to fostering positive youth development and leadership through scouting.

Professor Olapegba’s call for a renewed emphasis on scouting underscores the enduring relevance of this movement in shaping responsible and capable citizens for the future.

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