University of Ibadan Management Engages Students In Town-Hall Meeting  

By: Ajadi Sodiq

The University of Ibadan’s management convened a Town-Hall meeting with student representatives on Thursday, February 15, providing a platform for open dialogue on pertinent issues.

Led by Vice-Chancellor Professor Kayode O. Adebowale, MNI, FAS, the meeting aimed to address concerns raised by students in an informal setting held at Trenchard Hall.

Professor Adebowale emphasized the importance of students’ input, especially during the transitional phase faced by federal universities. He commended student union leaders for their maturity and purposeful engagement, praising their exemplary conduct as a model for other institutions.

Acknowledging the challenges students face on campus and in the nation, Professor Adebowale lauded their achievements, including recent scholarships from the Body of Senior Advocates of Nigeria, where University of Ibadan students secured top positions. He also highlighted the university’s impressive ranking by Times Higher Education, reinforcing its position as a leading institution in Nigeria and Africa.

Emphasizing students’ significance as stakeholders in the university system, Professor Adebowale reiterated the management’s commitment to addressing their needs. He cited ongoing efforts to improve accommodation, including the initiation of 18 Build-Operate-and-Transfer hostel agreements to ensure student welfare.

Key topics discussed during the meeting included accommodation, laboratory fees, sexual harassment, accessibility for physically challenged students during post-UTME exams, computer laboratory usage, and clinical rotation for Physiotherapy students. Additionally, issues such as electricity, water supply, commodity prices, health services, school fees, internet facilities, waste disposal, and transportation within the campus were addressed.

“The Federal Government had handed off issues of accommodation for over 20 years, but the management had kept open the Halls of Residence and had even gone further to enter into 18 Build-Operate-and-Transfer hostel agreements to ensure that the students are kept on campus.” Prof. Adebowale, Vice Chancellor revealed.

In response to transportation concerns, the management approved a reduction in transportation fees from N400 to N300 per drop to alleviate the burden on students.

Representatives from various student bodies, including the Students Union Executive Committee, Students Representative Council, Hall Chairpersons, Faculty Executive Committee members, Students Press, physically challenged students, Off-Campus students, MSS Amir, AUCSF, and others, participated in the meeting.

The town hall meeting provided a valuable platform for constructive dialogue between students and university management, fostering collaboration and addressing concerns to enhance the overall student experience at the University of Ibadan.

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