Masters Cup: Drama Unfolds As Petroleum Eng., Agric Eng., And Elect Elect. Claim Full Points On Matchday 1 

By: Yusuf Rahmon

The sessional Masters Cup for 200L Faculty of Technology students has begun and the surprises are pouring in already.

The tournament held among the eight departments under the Faculty of Technology started in 2021 with the Department of Wood Production Engineering(WPE), the current defending champions.

The eight participating departments are drawn into two groups for the group stage fixtures. Then, the top two teams from each group face off in the semis and the winners proceed to the final.

For this year, Petroleum Engineering (SPE), Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Wood Production Engineering (WPE) are in group A while Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE), Food Technology, Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (AEE), and Industrial Production Engineering (IPE) belong to group B.

After the matchday 1 results, anticipation has grown and no one can say specifically which team is a favourite to win the tournament.

WPE vs. SPE: 0 – 1

In a closely contested battle, SPE emerged victorious with a narrow, yet significant 1 – 0 victory over WPE. The game was characterized by intense back-and-forth action, with both sides showcasing their defensive prowess and attacking prowess. However, SPE managed to carve out the lone goal following a shocking blunder from the WPE’s goalkeeper. This was enough to seal their triumph and climb to the top of the group.

Civil Engineering vs. Mechanical Engineering: 1 – 1

The clash between Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering ended in a deadlock. This evenly matched encounter saw both sides display determination with the defense lines having lots of work to do. Mechanical Engineering took an early lead in the first half via a perfectly placed low shot by their right winger but were helpless against the rocket of a strike from Civil’s left winger in the second half.  As the game proceeded, both teams put in their best but neither team could secure a decisive victory.

AEE vs. IPE: 1-0

In another thrilling showdown, AEE emerged triumphant over IPE with a hard-fought 1-0 victory. The game was marked by relentless intensity and strategic maneuvering, as both teams battled fiercely for dominance on the field. In the end, AEE who had been the weaker side managed to find the back of the net from a close-range header. This crucial goal secured their win and handed them full points against the dominating IPE.

EEE vs. FOOD TECH: 6 – 0

In a display of total dominion, EEE delivered the most surprising result of the day with a resounding 6-0 victory over Food Tech. EEE  started cooking the chefs from the opening whistle and overwhelmed their opponents with their attacking prowess and defensive solidity. Food Tech struggled to contain the relentless onslaught and could not avoid the heavy rain of defeat pouring on them.

What To Expect Next?

As the tournament progresses, the next set of matches promises to bring more thrills, surprises, and goals for sure. With each department vying for supremacy and bragging rights, matchday 2 will decide who proceeds to the semis.

In group A, SPE Lions will take on archrival, Mech, while WPE hopes to bounce back against Civil. On the other hand, AEE will look to extend their perfect run when they face Food Tech while EEE will hope to cause more damages as they clash with IPE.

Although each game will be intense, one will expect WPE and AEE to claim full points while SPE and IPE should go home with at least a point.

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