University of Ibadan Registry Launches Extensive Fire Safety Workshops For Staff

By; Ajadi Sodiq

On Tuesday, 13th of February 2023, The University of Ibadan registry department launched a fire safety workshop for the University’s staff. In a proactive move to bolster fire safety measures, the University of Ibadan Registry initiated a series of comprehensive workshops aimed at equipping all staff members with essential knowledge and skills in fire prevention and emergency response.

Under the directive of the Registrar, Mr. Ganiyu O. Saliu, the workshops, focusing on fire Prevention, drill, and the effective usage of Fire Extinguishers, will span eightdays. The entire staff body has been organized into batches to facilitate participation and streamline the learning process.

In his inaugural address at the commencement of the workshops, Mr. Saliu elucidated the significance of the initiative, emphasizing its pivotal role in raising awareness about potential fire hazards and imparting preventive strategies. He underscored the importance of preparedness, stressing the need for all staff members to remain vigilant and well-informed, irrespective of the unpredictability of fire incidents.

Furthermore, Mr. Saliu outlined the inclusive nature of the workshops, he stated in his speech that while they are currently tailored for registry staff, plans are underway to extend the training to encompass all members of the university community. This initiative builds upon previous training received by key officers last year, ensuring a comprehensive approach to fire safety across the institution.

Encouraging active participation, Mr. Saliu urged attendees to fully engage with the facilitators, maximizing the educational value of the workshops. Alongside theoretical instruction, practical demonstrations of fire control techniques were provided, offering participants a hands-on learning experience.

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