Philosophy Wins Maiden Edition Of The University of Ibadan’s Student Union Super Cup 

By: Yusuf Rahmon

The inaugural edition of the University of Ibadan’s Student Union Super Cup ended with the Department of Philosophy claiming the crown on Tuesday, March 5.

The tournament was initiated as part of the Sports Secretary, Etana’s, efforts to foster greater participation and inclusivity in sports activities at the University of Ibadan. A total of fourteen (14) teams entered the tournament as champions of the Dean’s Cup of their respective faculties out of which the champions of the Faculty of Arts, Philosophy, and the flagbearer of the Faculty of Agriculture, Animal Science, made it to the finals.

Both teams traversed a challenging path to the finals, waving off advances from champions of other faculties. While Animal Science knocked out Mechanical Engineering, Human Nutrition, and Pharmacy, Philosophy faced tougher opponents on their way to glory. The children of Plato defeated Veterinary Medicine, Biochemistry, and the almighty MBBS before finally trashing Animal Science 3 nil in the final.

Philosophy had the better quality players, and they looked like the favourites to win the game. They wasted no time piling up pressure on the Animal Science defense as soon as the whistle went off.

As the match progressed, it was evident that Animal Science were the second best, as they failed to create chances and lacked cohesion in midfield. Philosophy, on the other hand, were quite adept in their play, and they grabbed a two-goal lead in the first half.

The Faculty of Agriculture champions tried to stop the bleeding in the second half, but Philosophy were just too good for them and added one more to make it 3-0 by full-time. This victory marks the second consecutive inter-department trophy for Philosophy after claiming the SEALS Cup in October last year.

Thoughts On The Super Cup

The Super Cup is a commendable effort from the Students’ Union since it solves to an extent, the issue of few football competitions in the institution. Also, it provides a diversion from the traditional novelty matches usually played during the UI’SU week which has gained little or no interest from the students.

However, on second thought, the tournament seems like an easy escape route to just include a sports event in the ongoing UI’SU week. The UI’SU week could have been utilized to promote participation in sports and reserving a day exclusively for sports activities would have been commendable.

There is a need to start exploring other sports activities such as tennis, basketball, judo, and handball during the UI’SU week instead of focusing only on playing novelty football matches

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