UI Don Advocates for Safe and Healthy Living Environments for Children

By: Victor Ogunyemi

Professor Adebola Emmanuel Orimadegun, a Professor of Pediatrics and Child Health at the Institute of Child Health, University of Ibadan, has raised a discourse on the concept of chances, choices, and consequences in child health dynamics.

The Don who delivered the 544th inaugural lecture on behalf of the Faculty of Clinical Science titled “Child Health Dynamics: Chances, Choices, and Consequences” stated that various factors, such as genetics and socio-economic status, beyond a child’s control, can influence their health.

He emphasized the need for parents and society to prioritize a safe and healthy living environment for children.

Parents are to take care of environmental variables such as pollution reduction, safe housing, and environmental protection for children” he said.

Professor Adebola Emmanuel called for a holistic approach that considers biological, environmental, and social determinants of health. He urged for evidence-based strategies to address health disparities and ensure that every child has the opportunity to make healthy choices.

Professor Orimadegun emphasized the importance of leveraging medical science, public health policy, and community engagement to address evolving challenges in child health.

He called for the promotion of integrated health services, including immunization, nutrition, maternal health, and disease prevention. He urged policymakers and others in the government to expand healthcare facilities and mobile health units to improve access, especially in rural and undeserved areas.

He also stated that “the private sector must be involved in improving nutrition and food security, strengthening water, sanitation, and hygiene, and increasing immunization coverage”.

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