Indy Hall Assembly Forwards Hall Week Budget to Finance and Budget Committee for Scrutiny


By: Ochi, Maduabuchi

The budget for the Indy Hall Week in the ongoing 2023/2024 academic session, which was presented on Saturday, March 23rd 2024, during the Legislative Council sitting held at the Independence Hall Cafeteria by the Administrator General, has been forwarded to the Finance and Budgeting Committee for proper scrutiny.

The finance and budgeting committee has been charged to work with the Executive Council to fix all concerns with the budget presented, ahead of the next sitting when an improved version should be made available.

Raising concern was the title of the budget, which the Speaker of the Legislative Council noted must be changed from ‘Team Inclusivity Hall Week’ to a more appropriate headline.

“The idea is that it is the Independence Hall Week budget, not Team Inclusivity,” Rt. Honorable Samuel Olaoye said.

Another concern raised was how the budget was structured, as it did not detail how money for each day of the Hall Week was to be spent, instead, it only outlined the cost of each event that would take place.

Also, the Council has stressed that the Independence Hall Literary and Debating Society Day, named after Barrister Adebowale as an Inter-Block and Inter Hall Debate Competition, should be strictly sponsored as it was named after the alumnus.

“In conclusion, it has been moved to the office of the Finance and Budgeting Committee, and they’ll do the proper scrutiny, and the report would be presented to the house very soon,” the Speaker explained.

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