UI’SRC Approves Grand Total Sum of 2.4 Million Naira to Conduct 2024 Students’ Union Election Conduct

By Aduwo Ayodele

A total sum of two million, four hundred and twenty seven thousand, seventy eight naira (#2,427,078) was on Tuesday, 26th of March, 2024, approved by the Students’ Representative Council (UI’SRC) for the conduct of year 2024 University of Ibadan Students’ Union election.

Approved at the third emergency sitting of the Students’ Representative Council, the election budget covers utilizable cost for the subcommittees of the electoral commission.

A copy of the approved budget, obtained by IndyPress, which was acknowledged by the Speaker of the Students’ Representative Council, Rt. Hon Omotunde Olamide, confirmed that funds were approved to meet the needs of subcommittees such as security subcommittee, screening subcommittee, publicity subcommittee, welfare subcommittee, logistics committee, and budget subcommittee.

With a sum of nineteen thousand five hundred naira (#19,500) approved to meet the need of the security committee, the fund, according to the approved budget will be used to cater for “airtime for committee members, transportation and Man ‘O’ War members”.

Also a total of seven thousand naira (#7,000) was earmarked for use by the screening committee to cater for the purchase of pencil, eraser, blade, airtime allowance (on two separate notes, one for the committee chairman, and the other for committee members).

An approved sum of forty thousand, eight hundred naira (#40,800) was earmarked for use by the Publicity committee of the Students’ Union, which is to cater for data subscription and e-flyers to keep the students’ community abreast of information from the electoral commission.

The Welfare Committee of the electoral commission was also awarded a sum of two hundred and seven thousand, three hundred naira (#207,300) to cater for both general, and specific provisions to be incurred by the commission during screening, press night, speech night, and the two separate election days (Executive Council and SRC).


A logistics summary, meant to cater for special needs of the electoral commission, such as sound system, tags, decoration, diesel, election voting platform, among others, was awarded the sum of two million, thirty four thousand and seventy five naira (#2,034,075).

With a sum of two thousand eight hundred naira (#2,800) allotted to the budget committee for the preparation of the electoral commission budget, a five percent miscellaneous of the total budget was additionally approved by the Students’ Representative Council.

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