‘Dollar Gossip’: African Studies Students’ Association Convenes ‘African Village Square’ Event

By Aduwo Ayodele

The African Studies Students’ Association, Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan, will on Wednesday, 24th April, 2024, hold its themed event, ‘The Dollar Gossip’, aimed at bringing both postgraduate and undergraduates together, within the ambience of an African setting.

The event, scheduled to hold at Suzanne Wenger Garden, Institute of African Studies, UI, will commence by 4pm.

Highlights of the event to be held in partnership with the Kegites Club of Nigeria, University of Ibadan, include music, folktales, dance, interactions and networking.

Speaking to Indypress, President of the African Studies Students’ Association, Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan, Mr. Michael Awoyemi, explained that the event, African Village Square, was convened to foster African consciousness.

“The Dollar Gossip is about our different experiences and responses to the dollar/naira rates. It’s about how it has influenced our buyings and daily transactions” Mr. Awoyemi said.
“African Village Square is for us in ASSA, the gathering to have information, opinion and arguments made in an environment that is cultural saturated with traditional aesthetics and forms” Mr. Awoyemi noted.

“Gossip used to be treated as a derogatory act. However, in Anthropology, gossip is one of the credible methods data gathering. The event is not about women or ladies alone. We all want to gossip” Mr. Awoyemi added.

“It’s the platform to share stories and inform one another of issues going on or trending while palmwine and other forms of entertainment are present” he concluded.

Also, the students’ association, ASSA, has called out to interested members of the University of Ibadan community for performance at the event.

“The event is opened to every kind of creative performer; spoken words, recital, songs, dance, comedy and other artistic performances.”

ASSA is a Graduate Student Association of students in the Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan.

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