KatangaDecides24: One Hour After, KRIEC Commences Voting Exercise

By:  Victor Ogunyemi

As observed by Indypress, voting as an exercise, in the ongoing Great Independence Hall of Residence electioneering conduct, commenced an hour after the earlier scheduled time.

The delay in the commencement of the voting exercise, according to the electoral body, the Katanga Republic Independent Electoral Commission, has been attributed to the late set-up of the electoral setting of the commission’s presence at the hall’s cafeteria, which is the provisional venue for the voting exercise.

A representative of the electoral commission (KRIEC), shortly referred to as Marxist, who addressed the mass of electorates at the voting center, just before the commencement of the exercise, apologized for the delay, which he noted was unintended.

Also, the representative of the body, while addressing the electorates restated the commission’s commitment to ensuring a free and fair election conduct.

Explaining the causes of the initial delay, KRIEC Public Relations Officer, Oladapo Salvador pointed to logistics and technical difficulties.

The main reason why we started late is because of logistics and technical issues, we were trying to get settled” Oladapo Salvador noted.

After casting his vote, the Administrator General of the Hall, Ogunremi Samuel, who spoke to Indypress, gave his evaluation of the ongoing voting exercise as thus;

We are in Nigeria, there can be technical delay. But then the KRIEC is really doing fine right now. I was able to cast my vote; the structure of the voting site is good. They are very fast and the election is democratic. Everyone stayed behind what they had said and I am glad for that” the Administrator General observed.

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