KatangaDecides24: “Your vote matters” – KRIEC tells Indy Hall residents

By: Victor Ogunyemi

The Katanga Republic Independent Electoral Commission (KRIEC), in a special release on Friday, April 26th, 2024, has announced the guidelines for the conduct of the hall’s 2024 voting exercise.

According to the electoral commission release, signed by its Chairman and Secretary, Samuel Ogunmefun and Shoge Quadri respectively, “the election will be held on Friday, April 26, 2024, between 9:00am to 4:00pm”.

Describing the mode of the voting exercise, KRIEC noted that “online voting will be the only method of participation”, while adding that “upon verification, electoral agents at the cafeteria will provide each voter with a unique code/password to access the voting platform”.

All voters must present valid identification confirming their Katangite status to electoral agents at the cafeteria. Cast your ballot from the convenience of your personal device. Agents must maintain professionalism and avoid any disruptive behaviour. We encourage all Katangites to participate in this democratic process and make your voices heard” the release noted.

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