UCJ UI Holds Five Famous Awards, Recognizes Social Impact

By – Sonaike Peter

The Union of Campus Journalists, University of Ibadan, held a Five Famous Award Event on Saturday, April 27, 2024, at the New Lecture Theatre, Nursing Department, University of Ibadan.

Key personalities that were present at the award ceremony include the keynote speaker, Professor Olumuyiwa Familusi, Dr. Tinu Smith, who was represented by Mr. Adedoja Adewal, as well as Mr. Kunle Adebajo, Mr. Rapheal Stephen, and Mr. Seun Onigbinde.

Delivering the keynote speech, tagged “Nigerian Youth: change makers or change waiters?”, Professor Olumuyiwa Familusi, emphasized the importance of taking responsibility as a medium for making positive impacts on the country, stating that leaving Nigeria for another country could deprive Nigeria of potential progress and hinder its development.

Being changemakers or change waiters is about being responsible. If you japa, who will take the lead? How old was Gowon, Buhari? Were they not youths when they took over the mantle of the leadership of the country?” Prof. Olumuyiwa Familusi said.

Evaluating the outflow of Nigerians into other countries, commonly labeled as ‘japa’, Mr. Raphael Stephen, Mr. Kunle Adebajo, and Mr. Seun Onigbinde shared several insights as panelists.

Responding to the trail of questions asked, Mr. Raphael Stephen advised that the act of leaving the country should be purposed, and strategy-driven.

“If you want to be japa, japa with purpose, japa with strategy; ensure that you think it through” Mr Stephen noted.

Following another segment of the event where the UCJ  magazine was launched, awards were presented in respect to the following categories; Education, Mr. Rapheal Stephen; Journalism, Mr. Kunle Adebajo; Social Impact, Seun Onigbide; and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Smith.


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