Indy Hall Hosts Personality Lecture, Tells Residents to Embrace Nation Building

By Victor Ogunyemi

The Great Independence Hall of Residence, University of Ibadan, on Thursday, May 2, 2024, organized a personality lecture in honour of Engineer Oyedele Hakeem Alao; the Hall’s Chief Patron.

The personality lecture, titled ‘Integral Role of Campus Demographic in Nation Building’ held at the Hall’s Cafeteria.

The lecture had in attendance the co-founder, Recycleged, Mr Victor Oyejide; founder of The FAME Foundation, Mr Raphael Stephen; a representative of Engineer Oyedele Hakeem, among others.

Speaking, the co-founder of Recycledge, Mr Victor Oyejide described the University as a place where students from diverse backgrounds come together to learn and exchange ideas, developing critical thinking skills.

He emphasized that the student body reflects the nation’s diversity and allows for the development of leadership skills in the students.

“We are students from different parts of the world, with different interests, different belief systems, and different preferences. But more importantly, we are able to live together and cohabit, tolerating one another” Mr Victor said.

“We as individuals need to see that irrespective of tribes, culture, and religion we can work together and live together in harmony. This is part of the hallmark of why the dynamism across demographics is there” he added.

On the other hand, the founder of FAME foundation, Mr. Raphael Stephen stressed the significance of considering Nigeria as our own in a bid to address its challenges effectively.

He also spoke about the importance of personal values, sense of purpose, public perception, vision, and identifying what actions to take and what not to take in a bid to play a vital role in nation-building.

In his recommendation on how young people on campus can contribute to nation-building, he emphasized the need to accept or take responsibility for the call to be a part of nation-building.

He recommended that students should participate in or volunteer with organizations while on campus to inculcate problem-solving behaviors.

The event also witnessed the recognition of outstanding individuals whose names featured in the Great Independence Hall 2024 Roll of Honour.

The individuals on the Roll of Honour are the Vice Chancellor of the University of Ibadan, Professor Kayode O. Adebowale; Mr. Victor Etuokwu; Waidi Omotola Ifafore; Barrister Bola Adebowale; Professor Sunday Ayodele Odunfa; Professor S. Ademola Ajayi; Mr. Joseph Edgar; Professor John Oluwole Akintayo and Professor James Olopade.

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