“Development of flexible and robust forest information systems is essential” – Forestry Expert Says

By: Victor Ogunyemi

The Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources, University of Ibadan, on Thursday, May 23, 2024 held its 4th Faculty Lecture at the First Bank Building, Faculty of Agriculture.

The lecture, titled “From Bytes to Branches: Bridging the Gap between Forestry Information Systems and Sustainable Forestry” was presented by Dr. Daniel Akintunde-Alo, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social and Environmental Forestry.

Speaking, Dr. Akintunde proposed a holistic approach to bridge the gap between bytes of data and the sprawling branches of forest.

“The development of flexible and robust forest information systems is essential to support evidence-based decision-making and sustainable forest management practices” he stated.

The Don highlighted that activities such as deforestation contributed to the increase in land surface temperature which negatively impacts the livelihoods of forest-dependent communities.

Dr. Akintunde noted that the integration of forestry information systems with sustainable forestry practices holds immense potential to transform how society manages and conserves forest resources.

The lecturer proposed the use of technology innovations like Geographic Information Systems, remote sensing, data analytics, alongside ecological and socio-economic factors, to improve forest management and biodiversity conservation.

He urged forest scientists to work together with other professionals, policymakers, and local communities to conduct interdisciplinary research, aiming to establish a more comprehensive forestry information system.

He also recommended that all key stakeholders in forestry should intensify efforts to reduce deforestation while state governments should encourage the reintroduction of agroforestry practices to reduce free-range cattle herding.

The faculty lecturer also emphasized the need for capacity-building programs for forestry professionals to effectively utilize information systems and technologies.

“Empowering stakeholders with the necessary skills will maximize the potential of forestry information systems and promote sustainable forest management” Dr. Akintunde advised.

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