UI Centre for Social Orientation Leads Anti-Cultism Campaign

By – Favour Bamijoko

The University of Ibadan Center for Social Orientation (CenSo), on Tuesday, 28th of May, 2024, led an anti-cultism campaign visit to the Baptist Academy, University of Ibadan, in an effort to sensitize students against the dangers of cultism and other associated antisocial behaviours and its dangers to the society.

The University of Ibadan Center for Social Orientation team was led by Professor Kunbi Labeodan who noted that the objective of the visit was to educate students, as well as promote good character.

(Students and members of UI CenSo)

Professor Labeodan stated that the office of the Center for Social Orientation and the Student Affairs Division will always welcome the opportunity for counseling and assistance to anyone in need.

According to him, “UI is dedicated to promoting good character and ethical behaviour.”

The students were equally warned that cultism could end their future, goals and personal safety.

He admonished the students to dissociate from violent, and other harmful activities.

The school visitation team comprised of academics, administrators and religious leaders.

(Group photograph with CenSo Visitation team)

The Centre for Social Oriemtation team also visited the Polytechnic High School in Ibadan with an advocacy against cultism and other related practices.

Prof. Helen Labeodan emphasized that students should not let cultism derail their destinies.

Other members of the campaign committee counselled the students to choose their friends wisely and make decisions that will benefit their prospects.

(UI Official Photographer addressing the students)

After the counselling, the Senior Boy of Polytechnic High School, Gideon Ajayi, requested a member of the entourage, an alumnus of the school, and a University of Ibadan official photographer, Mr. Adeniyi Adebayo, to extend corporate social responsibility to the school by offering photography lessons to interested students.

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