VIDEO: El-Kanemi Road, a Power ‘Cable’ Obstructs Free Movement, Poses Danger

By – Sonaike Peter

Situated around UI Consultancy and Computer Training Center, behind the Ransome Kuti Hall of Residence is as of the time of report a fallout power cable, Indypress reports.

Indypress correspondent who visited the scene on Thursday, May 30, 2024, confirmed the state of the power cable fallout, noting that the situation was in dire need of an address by concerned authorities.

(Footage: A road user avoiding the power cable)

Speaking with IndyPress, a resident of the area who pleaded anonymity explained that the situation of the cable had persisted ‘since about a week ago, without it being restored to its normal position’.

As a result, passers-by and other road users, whose route from such places like the Great Independence Hall of Residence, Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall of Residence, Tafawa Balewa PG Hall, among others, have had to consciously bend below the cable in order to have their way.

Also, motorists and other road users have had to cautiously pass under the wire  before their to-and-fro transition on the road.

Reacting to the observation, the Students’ Union House Secretary, Elemide Daniel told Indypress that the Director at the Department of Works and Maintenance had been informed about the state of the cable fallout.

“I already discussed this with the Director/Head of Electricals at the Department of Works and Maintenance. He said it will be done today unfailingly” UI’SU House Secretary said.

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