Ogunremi Samuel Appraises 8-month Journey as AG

By – Toluwalope Ayeye

Ogunremi Samuel Eniola, the immediate past Administrator General of the Great Independence Hall of Residence, on Thursday, May 30, 2024, expressed ‘deep gratitude and reflection’ on his 8-month service in the hall.

(Ogunremi Samuel, immediate past Administrator General)

This recount was featured during the inauguration ceremony held at the Hall’s JCR, in the presence of the Hall Warden, Dr. Adejumobi; the Hall Master, Professor Ademola Ajayi; and student-residents.

‘Serving as the Administrator General was an honor’, he noted, ‘one that provided immense personal and professional growth’.

Mr. Ogunremi lauded his fellow executives, tagged Team INCLUSIVITY’23, and committee members for their dedication, which he described as the backbone of the administration’s successes.

The immediate past Administrator General praised the hall residents for their cooperation and enthusiasm, which according to him, brought vibrancy and strength to the student community, as well as the invaluable support and guidance from the hall management and staff.

Adding, Ogunremi Samuel highlighted the several key projects embarked on during the tenure; including the renovation of the Junior Common Room (JCR), which was made possible with the support of the Alumni body.

‘Together, we have accomplished much. Over the past eight months, we have initiated and completed numerous projects that have enhanced the living experience in our hall’ Ogunremi Samuel stated.

Ogunremi also addressed the challenges faced during his administration, including limited resources, conflicting schedules, and occasional misunderstandings.

He emphasized that ‘these obstacles fostered resilience and unity within Team INCLUSIVITY’23, ultimately leading to innovative solutions and a stronger community’.

In his concluding remarks, Mr. Ogunremi thanked the hall residents for the privilege of serving, while assuring them of his continued commitment to the hall’s legacy and future.

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