UI’SRC Maintains #3,000 as Basic Due

By – Sonaike Peter

The Students’ Representative Council, University of Ibadan on Saturday, 8th of June, 2024, has resolved that the sum of three thousand naira be maintained as basic due for the 2023/2024 academic session.


At the virtual emergency sitting, a debate on payable basic dues had ensued on whether the amount should be increased from #3000 or maintained at its current status.


While Honorable Babatimehin Peace, representing Sultan Bello hall moved a motion that the basic due remains at its current status with respect to the overburdening economy of the country, Honorable Waris, representing Kenneth Melanby hall moved the motion in favor of an increment of fee to #3500.


The house in its final resolve maintained that the sum of three thousand naira (#3000) should be made payable.


With a total of thirty-three (33) votes in favour of three thousand naira as the basic due, twelve (12) other honorable members voted in defense of an increment to a sum of three thousand and five hundred naira (#3500).


In a chat with Indypress, the Speaker of the Council, Busoye Matthais stated that the resolution was made to ensure that students are not burdened by any increment.


“With our priority being with the students and protecting the students, we don’t want to enforce anything that will be a burden to them, which is why the council decided on the amount being #3000,” the Speaker noted.

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