VIDEO: Four Lingering Days of ‘Tree Fall’, Niger Road Awaits Intervention

By: Sonaike Peter

In front of the noble Sultan Bello Hall is a fallen tree, obstructing easy passage or liable to create hazard for all kinds of road users.

A vendor in one of the shops at the nearby shopping complex, who pleaded anonymity, informed Indypress correspondent who visited the scene, that the condition of the tree had been in its fallen state since Saturday, June 15, 2024.

The state of the tree and the road had since Saturday received “no response” from the appropriate authority, the vendor noted.

(Footage – Niger Road, opposite Sultan Bello Hall of Residence, road users avoid fallen tree)

Responding to IndyPress, the House Secretary of the Students’ Union, Elemide Daniel noted that the Dean of Students had been informed about the state of the road.

The House Secretary explained that the reason the tree had not been taken from the road it halfway occupied, was because of the ongoing festivity (Eid Kabir) ongoing.

“I have already told the Dean of Students. If not for the festive period, people who are supposed to fix it would have fixed it by now. However it will be fixed after the festive period,” the House Secretary said.

Niger Road links the Ransome Kuti Hall of Residence to the Faculty of Science, among other important intra-campus areas.


Photo credit – Sultan Bello Hall of Residence Press

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