Beyond the Soundbite: Evaluating the Performance of the Indy Hall Excos in the 2021/2022 Session [Part II]

With manifestoes and campaign promises as the basis for scrutiny, the first part of this analysis evaluated the offices of the health commissioner, the sports commission, and the house secretary in the incumbent administration. This sequel continues on this path; it juxtaposes the performance of the Public relations officer, the […]

Jaw War ’23 : Indy Press’ Predictions

Picture the university’s intellectual scene in football terms for a minute. What teams do you see? Halls? Faculties? This article analyzes contestants in the first leg of the hall category of Jaw War, the school’s largest tournament for stimulating conversations.    Queen Idia Hall v Independence Hall When Joy Eguaoje sing-sang […]

Carols and the Days of Reckoning

Dear UITES,  December will be advancing on its mid-region by the time you read this article. Quick year, you agree? In barely two months since we returned, we have gone through lectures, tests, and extracurriculars, in no truly definable order. But tempting as it might be to believe otherwise, the […]