Wired in, Wired out

By: Bumblebee

Image Credit: WOW NG

“Hey, my name is John Ballard and I’m here to introduce this new device that would revolutionalise the world mobile phone market…I bring to you the most advanced technology”.

This is almost an everyday approach by mobile phone giant companies for marketing their new product to the world; this modus operandi thereby pops up questions such as: why do companies always keep producing new variety of phones? Is the new model better than the old one? ‘That new phone in the market is just a waste of money’, might be the conclusion of some users of mobile phone. Wait, sit back and relax; you might be wrong after all. Some may even wonder, ‘are these phone makers just after exploiting me to ensure that I always get a new phone after 2-3years. Can we just go back to the era of durable phones?’ While you may also have wished for this, you must note that inventions drive globalization and more so, the phone market is controlled by the forces of demand, taste of end users and supply of manufacturers.

The mobile phone industry awaits a big momentum change that would shape the market for good. While we wait on that, little innovation like add on will continue to upgrade the technology of phones. A picture of the “big change” is the 5G mobile network capacity or 6G perhaps; which is a piece of the cake to

come. In this competitive market, government influence and action cannot be totally ruled out. What started up as fierce competition between brands cloning and innovating new upgrades, has now become a tech war among top world countries. The US feel threatened by the ability of a Chinese company to develop a 5G technology whilst it cannot. The US government has every right to feel this way especially in this age of cyber insecurity, but this has only in a way hampered the growth of technology.

Away from this heated topic is the obvious notable invention that has caught the eye of the globe — the now-trending wireless headphones which was made popular by Apple in 2016 — is definitely an amazing work of art to behold. Of course, this invention has received some backlash, as some quarters suggest the intense use of bluetooth connectivity will subject the human body to some waves of radiation. Critics from competing brand went as far mocking the idea, with a staged video of a man with plugged in chargers, struggling with cord around his neck, but this wasn’t for long, as they have not only pulled down the video, but also joined in these prosperous ventures.

The absence of head jack for phones to utilize headphone is no longer a subject of ridicule by many. While this seem to be another billion dollar market, the wireless technology can also be said to now be a fashion trend. It has indeed wired development towards an unprecedented level, creating a magical experience, delivering 50 percent more talk time, hands free. Now phones could even use wireless charging mode to charge other device which bear a correlation to this parent invention.

New inventions require courage because it could either be a market success or failure. While many inventions rule the world, some investor and manufacturing company rue the woes of their failed projects. Examples include the trial to expand the battery life of lithium battery that led to explosive phone, water also destroying acclaimed water-resistant phones. Etc…

As it appears now, earphone and earplug are phasing out, giving aid to more little wireless devices and like every new tech, it comes with a price. Nigeria, as a nation may be wired in an innocuous way, because all she does is garbage in, garbage out. This consumer approach can only favor importation of international brand (counterfeit and original) which of course is not healthy for the economy. And unless this stops, hazardous devices will be in the market as there is no effective agency to check this. Transsion (makers of Tecno, Infinix and Itel brand) own 54% of Africa phone market which gives it overwhelming power to monopolize the market (if it wants to), by manipulating price and quality. Little can be said on local innovation that could balance this negative impact in the tech market.

In the word of Edward Snowden, “technology keeps changing but the principles remain the same”. Phones will continue to get slimmer and slimmer, with different sophisticated function and wireless enhanced accessories. The invention of today is therefore the trend of tomorrow. Time, as they say will hence tell what life changing device is to hit us next.

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