Technology: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Views: 177 -Bumblebee A challenge for all to make the cyberspace habitable for ALL.  P.S. Technology, in this context, can be used interchangeably with terms like the internet, worldwide web and all other applications that come with it. There was a time when many believed that technology was evil. However, […]

OPay: There’s a New Boss in Town!

Views: 159 This is not a regular daily guide; it is a peep into the future. And guess who’s boss? OPay! Start-ups like their owners, are enterprising ventures, and are subject to several unfavourable weather conditions in the business world. They therefore need to be handled with care. Every now […]

Wired in, Wired out

Views: 166 –By: Bumblebee “Hey, my name is John Ballard and I’m here to introduce this new device that would revolutionalise the world mobile phone market…I bring to you the most advanced technology”. This is almost an everyday approach by mobile phone giant companies for marketing their new product to […]