Twice As Tall: Proof That Burna Boy is still the Boss


Burna Boy has continued to grow in leaps and bounds since the release of his previous album, African Giant. That album was nominated for the Grammys, and received many critical acclaims. African Giant lost out on the Grammy Award to Angelique Kidjo, but that did not stop Burna Boy from releasing another masterpiece; Twice As Tall.

Twice As Tall featured big-name artistes like Diddy, Chris Martin (the lead singer in Cold Play). Apart from the features, the album was a complete success. The album was so good that it got Burna Boy another Grammys nomination for the Best Global Music Album.

Burna Boy tried as much as possible to make the album better than African Giant, and indeed, it was.  Twice As Tall is a 15-track album. It featured singles like Way Too Big, Monsters You Made ft Chris Martin, Wonderful — which was the lead single of the album, Onyeka, 23, Level Up, Alarm Clock, Naughty By Nature, Comma, No Fit Vex, Time Flies, Wetin Dey Sup, Real Life and Bank On It.  Burna Boy delivers quality and that album was quality.

Twice As Tall has surpassed 200 million streams on all streaming platforms. It was the Number 1 album in Nigeria and even Africa as a whole for some weeks. Twice As Tall was No. 54 on the Billboard World Music charts. It was the No. 1 album on all streaming platforms in Nigeria for weeks.

Twice As Tall was a perfect blend of afro-beats. Burna Boy made sure that album was truly African. For instance, Wonderful (the lead track of the album) was a different kind of afrobeats sounds. The track was masterfully produced and perfectly rendered by Burna Boy. Way Too Big was another masterfully produced track. It was a mega hit. Monsters You Made criticised bad leadership, racism and other social vice. Not only was the track beautifully rendered by Burna Boy, the message he was trying to pass was also quite clear.

Onyeka, another mega hit on the album, was also a masterpiece. It was a love rendered in afrobeats. He performed the song at the recently concluded Grammys.

It comes as no surprise that Twice As Tall won the Best Global Music award at the Grammys. The whole 15 tracks on the album made a lot of sense. All of them were hit songs. Burna Boy is a very hardworking artiste with tremendous talent. His talent and hard work definitely showed in Twice As Tall. If you have not listened to the album, it is best you do now.

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