An Honest Review of The Mavins Campus Tour – UI 

By: Eriomala John  If you’re reading this, it’s been way over twenty-four hours since the Mavins Campus Tour made its stop at the University of Ibadan. The SUB Field is empty, e-fliers are down and the Mavins Tour Buses have probably even left the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, their next […]

Dear Non-Hip-Hop Heads, Your Opinions Do Not Matter

By: Eriomala John I am aware that the above title looks harsh.. So, instead, read it as this, “Dear Non-Hip-Hop heads, what you say doesn’t change anything. It’s irrelevant”.  For the uninitiated, Hip-Hop heads are people who consume a lot of Hip-Hop music and content. Think of that one friend […]

Because Imole Lived

By: Eriomala John Sad days never start off the same way. Sad days never end the same way either. And sometimes, sad days aren’t  ‘days’. They are five minutes that make the eighteen hours and thirty-nine minutes before then almost irrelevant and the hours after, grey and murky with sadness. […]

Culinary Adventures With Dion: Episode 1

By: Eriomala John Hi, everyone. Welcome to the very first instalment of Culinary Adventures with Dion; your trusted food review column. On here, we’ll be taking a look into various eating spots, cafeterias, and restaurants within and outside UI, and feeding you with reviews of the dishes served in these […]