A Good CGPA, A Determinant For A Successful Life?

-Ogunlowo Oluwatosin Sunday 

The utmost aim of every student, by the time they finish their degrees, is to have a successful life. Meanwhile, having a successful life is totally dependent on individuals. As a student , while still in a higher institution, your success can solely be justified byhow high or low your CGPA is. 

CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average. It is used to denote a student’s overall average performance throughout their academic programme, be it a high school, a Bachelor’s degree, or a Master’s degree programme. It’s also a standardised medium through which students determine their abilities on every course. In this case, you know whether you’re to maintain your performance or to go at a higher pace.

Having a good CGPA in higher institutions is what most students battle with. It’s not what you get hands down. You either settle for less and get a weak one or redress your mistakes to excel academically. The path to having good grades is always challenging and arduous. For some students, it’s an effortless task to achieve since they have the requisite knowledge or preparation. Meanwhile, a lot of students read with much rigour, yet they end up having low grades. Is it that they never prepared well or wrote the wrong answers during exams? That is the reason you see students repining after seeing their results. And these are the set of students you frequently see in the library, and at night classes, or jacking all day; both day and night. Having gone through these processes, therefore, some pass excellently while some fail due to one reason or the other. Good grades are not easy to get, whether you’re brilliant or not.

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Virtually all students strive to get a good CGPA, but some no longer stress themselves; they have been frustrated and academically stressed in the process of getting a good CGPA. Everyone has varied outlooks, whether a good CGPA is a determinant for a successful life or vice versa. Apparently, many people have made it through education, and they can vouch that they succeeded because they had a good CGPA and they’re living the best of their lives. Do you think they won’t implore people around them to have a good CGPA? Since it worked for them, they also believe it should work for others too. Therefore, people in this category strongly believe that a good CGPA is a determinant for a successful life.

On the contrary, based on other people’s opinion, getting a good CGPA is never a guarantee for success. There have been many cases where you find a first-class graduate wandering around the neighbourhood, scouting for a job. Not all ,but some of them. Conversely, in the race for academic excellence, some students, maybe few of them, eventually graduate with a low CGPA. Some graduate with a pass, while others get expelled due to woeful results. For people in this category, they restrategise, and at the end of it all, we later find them in higher places, doing great, owning multi-million-dollar companies. Although, this doesn’t mean that they chose to be a failure academically, but they seem to have found a success regardless of their grades. You’re thinking it’s grace, right? Whichever way you think of it, the most important thing for everyone is to become a success.

It’s helpful to have a good CGPA for most people who are from poor or average backgrounds, but it’s never a determinant for a successful life. You can have a successful life whether you have a good CGPA or not and you can have a life full of struggles whether you have a good CGPA or not.

I’d love to slightly explore the concept of success. I want us to understand that success is a state of the mind. Success starts with your mindset; what you think about yourself. Also, it’s a subjective phenomenon; what makes you successful might not work for someone else. If it’s because Mr A was expelled from school, he eventually succeeded and you think that might work for you too, ah! I pity your life in Spanish; you’ll hawk pap at dawn and at dusk.

Therefore, success is personal and we all have varied approaches to achieve personal success. If getting a good CGPA was the only way to a successful life, everybody with a good CGPA would be equally successful!

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