Food and Prices Conundrum In UI

By: Ajadi Sodiq The recent surge in food prices across Nigeria has significantly a dire toll of impact on students at the University of Ibadan. This increase in prices not only affects the affordability of food, but also the portion sizes and overall food quality. About a week ago, I […]

Network Your Way To University Success (And Actually Make Friends)

By: Oladapo Salvador (Contributor) University life is a whirlwind of exhilaration and those occasional “what did I get myself into?” moments. Whether you’re a fresher just finding your footing or a seasoned staylite navigating the familiar campus with confidence, one thing will always shape your experience: the people. Your network […]

Indy Excos, Can You Speak Now?

By: Ochi Maduabuchi Nnamdi    We hold in our hands devices of great power. A small handheld device capable of accessing information from anywhere across the world, of connecting us with people on the other side of the world with little to no delays between us. But none of this […]

On Team Rebirth’s First Semester Activities

By: Moboluwarin Ogunleye On the 30th of December, the University of Ibadan Student’s Union (Team Rebirth) made a release detailing their first semester activities. The release starts with a segment on the State of the Union, discussing the problems and issues that the current executives inherited. While these issues are […]

All Eyes On Common Sense

By: Echoda Daniel  Our reactions to the recent ruling of the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (PEPT) are rather a denial of reality. It appears we have forgotten that, in rendering judgments in the courts of law, the judges sitting over a given case do so impartially and base their decisions […]

The Dilemma of Indy’s Hall Elders Fee

By: Moses Adeosun From being a rumour to being the UI committee reality, the school authorities increased the hostels’ accommodation fee from #30,000 to #45,000 and to succor the effect the Student Union leadership released a circular that the halls should not charge more than #3000 as Basic due. However,  […]