Indy Radio: A Need For Caution?

by Emmanuel Utibe The sounds of Asa’s Eye Adaba force me back awake as I struggle to catch some sleep before 7 am. I just finished TDB some minutes earlier in preparation for my test the following day. For one, I recognize the pertinence of keeping Katangites abreast through the […]

It is Sunday in Nigeria

By: John Eriomala It is Sunday in Nigeria. Well, it was Sunday in Nigeria. Today is Monday, the 6th of June, 2022 and it’s been over twelve hours since Owo happened. No details. You know. You watched a video or read a news report. You saw tweets from witnesses and […]

Jungle Justice: Public Injustice?

By: Emmanuel Utibe The sight of lynching or mob beating is not uncommon in Nigeria. Growing up at a point, it was like “The Mob Court” was the surest court in the land in delivering popular justice. It was not uncommon to hear people talking about how there was no […]