fruits every UI student should eat

5 Fruits Every UI Student Should Eat Regularly

Boluwarin Martins

These days, students are ensuring that they do their best to maintain a healthy eating habit in school, irrespective of how seemingly daunting it might be. University students are also being encouraged to do away with soda drinks, junks and excessive caffeine intake. Chipping fruits into your diet is a higjly recommended move. It will help boost your metabolism and prepare you against diseases. Because of the peculiarities of the current teaching style and platform (virtual learning) in the University of Ibadan, below are five fruits every University of Ibadan student should eat regularly; at least, twice in a week, as that would help boost their overall health:


Oranges, like other citrus fruits, are great for improving eyesight. Owing to the new mode of learning in the university, students spend more time in front of screens, both phone and PCs, than ever before. A study has shown that excessive screen time and screen resolution can strain the eyes; they can cause blurry vision, eye irritation and eye fatigue. Another study stated that blue light from screens cannot permanently damage the eyes, however, they can weaken the veins in the eyes. Oranges, like other citrus fruits, are packed with Vitamin C. The antioxidants in oranges help to strengthen and repair the blood vessels in the eyes. They also contribute to the fortification and nourishment of the lenses. 

Note: Ensure that you put on filters for your devices or wear anti-glare glasses to protect your eyes against the blue light from screens.


fruits every University o Ibadan student should eat

Among the numerous amazing benefits of bananas, I would be picking out two that would interest you. Bananas are energisers and mood-lifting fruits. Having almost round-the-clock classes, tons of course materials to study and assignments that would not let you breathe can be emotionally stressing and physically draining. Eating bananas helps increase the energy level in your body, thereby keeping you pumped up throughout the day. Bananas rank as the number one energy-giving fruit and they are even recommended for athletes. Just one banana has about 105 – 120 calories, with carbohydrates having the largest share of the pie. Imagine eating a bunch!

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Adapting to virtual learning and the glitches here and there can be sometimes saddening (I need not go into the details). However, a positive mood and attitude are what’s needed to scale through tough times. Munching on a banana is a healthy way of maintaining positive vibes throughout the day. Bananas contain tryptophan which helps boost serotonin (the hormone that stabilises our mood). 

Note: Eating other food rich in Vitamin B also helps increase the level of serotonin in the body.


fruits every University o Ibadan student should eat

This fruit is one nutritious fruit filled with the goodness of different vitamins. One reason why you should eat watermelon often as a student is because it keeps you hydrated. Watermelon is 92% water, and as students, we need to stay hydrated all the time because it helps enhance brain performance. Yes, drinking water does it, however, having a fruit that performs the same function alongside pumping other nutrients into the body is awesome. Your health will thank you.


fruits every University o Ibadan student should eat

Avocado is one powerhouse of nutritients. Avocados rank among the top ten brain-boosting foods. This fruit has so much lutein in it which helps to boost mental function. An active brain is necessary for an excellent academic performance. Avocados plays a key role in sharpening the mind which every student need while studying, and to also remember what was read.

Another key benefit of taking avocados is that they contain a lot of calories and good fat which can make up for the ones lost during the day. A lot of students experience weight loss during an academic session because of stress and many factors. The goal now is to maintain your weight even in the midst of having to do a lot of academic work. I know that you might object to taking in so much calories (just one avocado has 300 plus calories in it. The percentage of fat is even more than the needed daily intake). However, the essence of ingesting these good fats once in a while is to ensure that we have more than enough calories in our body. It also helps for good blood circulation and a healthy skin.


Are nuts a type of fruit? Yes, they are. Nuts are so beneficial; they are a treasure trove of nutrients that help for better brain performance. Eating peanuts, cashew nuts, walnuts and almonds is great brain food. Studies have shown that nuts helps to improve cognitive function and brain health. They help with memory and concentration. This is just one out of their numerous health benefits. So, whenever you decide to buy these nuts to either munch alone or take with gari, just remember that you are nourishing your brain in one of the best ways possible.


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