remote learning and health

What Remote Learning Does To Your Health

Views: 197 Image Credit: GaudiLab/Shutterstock -Williams Owoeye (Dawillty) With each human invention, there most certainly is a trade-off. When we invented the electric bulb in a bid to mimic the sun, the trade-off was constantly supplying it with energy and the fact that it gets to blow up once every […]

The war against microbes

The War Against Microbes: Mission Impossible?

Views: 141 Williams Owoeye (Dawillty) “The earth and everything on it belongs to microbes. The world and all its people belong to them.” – Psalm 24:1 (Microbial Easy-to-Read Version) If microbes have organized religion like humans do, their scriptures would most likely be written in this manner, and of course, […]