Your Hostel’s Water Versus Your Health

By: Victor Ogunyemi  Water is an essential part of human activities. Regardless of race or ethnicity, individuals use water for similar purposes. It plays a crucial role in numerous aspects of life, contributing significantly to human health, agriculture, industry, climate regulation, transport, among others. Common to the University of Ibadan […]

Fostering Wellness: How to Protect Your Health This Semester

By: Samuel Olowolayemo   Lifestyle is considered a critical determinant of health. The food you eat, your attitude towards hygiene, exercise and rest, the state of your mind from various exposures, all sum up to affect your wellbeing. Aside from lifestyle, a change of and changes in our environments significantly […]

What Else Can You Eat In A Period Of Inflation?

By: Moboluwarin Ogunleye The time we have been dreading or waiting for is finally here. The rising fuel and everything else cost has finally caught up with food prices. After a brief period of scarcity, food sellers in cafeterias increased the price of a serving of rice from 100 naira […]

How Caffeine And Energy Drinks Affect Your Health

  By: Moboluwarin Ogunleye I would like to introduce Chidera. Exams are in a few days, but she still needs to cover. She’s on page 100 out of 875 and running out of time. So, she decides to forgo her sleep in a desperate attempt to finish reading the lecture […]