Dear UITES, You Should Take Some Time to Rest

By: Oluwapelumi King The semester is gradually coming to an end.  Therefore, classes have intensified, tests have started for many people, exams and assignments, and projects- for finalists- are here thick and fast. As a result, reading, particularly TDB reading- has intensified. It is however important to pay close attention to […]

Staying Healthy In UI: Key Nuggets

However stale it might be, to all freshers, I say, welcome to the University of Ibadan! The first and the best. To the stalites and finalists, the more appropriate welcome message would be “Aluta Continua!”  It’s a continuation of the first semester after the eight-month-long strike, a new chapter in […]

You And Your Blood Pressure

Adeosun Moses The heart pumps blood and is arguably the most important organ in the body. Scientifically, the only other organ that shares this description is the brain. A human being is not certified dead until the heart stops pumping blood and the brain stops working. Even in non-medical contexts, […]