Indy Alumni Association celebrates Indy @ 60

Indy Alumni Association Calls for Members, Plans Towards Indy @ 60 Celebrations

The Indy Hall Alumni Association, an assoication of past occupants of Independence Hall, University of Ibadan, has sent out official calls for membership to graduate Katangites and present final-year Katangites. The first call, released in form of broadcast messages via the current administration of the hall, addresses graduates from the University of Ibadan who were Katangites during their academic sojourn. These are in preparations for the forthcoming Indy Hall @ 60 celebrations, scheduled to hold sometime in August.

The message, as seen on the Alumni Association official website, reads in part: “The Great Independence Hall University of Ibadan Alumni, has been in existence since the first student graduated from the hall in the early 60s. We are proud to announce that the formal set up has come to stay after so many years.

As we start with baby steps, the goal is to get all of us to use the Alumni Membership form and get on board. The more the merrier with memories of years gone by and experiences that we can share from generations to generation.

Our coming together also gives us the opportunity to make it possible to have all hands on deck to coordinate our give back projects. These projects will make the difference in the lives of the present students and give us the opportunity to make the hall a better place than when we were on campus. We will surely make the difference. Be safe and God bless.”

The Indy Alumni Association has asked past Katangites to officially register their interest by filling the Alumni Association Membership form.

The second call, made via the hall’s current administration, is to final-year Katangites. This is in a bid to get the details of each final-year student into a magazine for easy access in the future. Final-year Katangites are to fill in their details via this link.

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Recall that earlier this year, a body of Independence Hall Alumni formed an official alumni association, following the Temitope-Olaogun-led administration’s efforts to get a comprehensive list of Katangites in preparations for the upcoming Indy @ 60 celebrations. Since its inception, the association has registered itself with the Corporate Affairs Commission and also raised some funds budgeted to meet the Indy @ 60 celebration needs and also for the sponsorship of some capital projects.


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