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Indy Hall Executive Council: Building Castles in the Air?

“Leadership is not about titles, position or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.’’ – John C. Maxwell

John Maxwell must have committed thoughts to years of human history and relations to arrive at such an apt qualification of the term, leadership. True to his quote, leadership is less of holding titles and having fancy names, and more of driving change and influencing decisions and outcomes. Unfortunately, the reverse has always been the case when, especially as it concerns Nigeria. The rot in the art of Nigerian leadership has trickled down to Nigerian higher institutions, among student leaders. The child is the father of a man. Those who are the nation’s leaders today were youth leaders yesterday. And whether we love to tell ourselves the truth or not, those who are youth leaders today will be the nation’s leaders in the near future. It is therefore expedient to shave off all traces of corruption and unaccountability among today’s crop of youth leaders.

Today, you find them everywhere; power-thirsty undergraduates burning with the passion to deliver “change”, but upon getting into office, they come to that leadership is about responsibility and commitment, and then they begin to waver and slack. Here at the University of Ibadan, you find individuals willing to go to the extreme to acquire power. Their craving for the privileges power bestows outweighs their will to serve.

Service to the people has long gone into oblivion. That is why you find most press nights filled with beautifully clad humans equipped with fabricated manifestos laced with unfeasible plans. Nonetheless, these individuals will always be right about one thing – the people always forget. And once the people forget, accountability is far-fetched. They forget easily the hurdles they encountered due to the incompetence or nonchalance of an officeholder.

The people may forget, but the fourth estate never forgets. We owe it a duty to the people to hold political office holders accountable for the plans they promised to the electorate while vying for the positions they currently occupy. It is the responsibility of these officeholders to achieve their promises before the end of their tenure. True, Covid-19 happened. It happened to us all, and it changed things. Nonetheless, the fact remains that responsibility should breed actions and not excuses.

Students began to occupy rooms in the hall towards the end of the first semester. We are in the fifth week of the second semester. What is hindering the members of the Indy Hall executive council from making moves to fulfil their promises? This is a reminder of the plans you made to the people, should you have lost your manifesto. These are the promises Katangites expect you to achieve before the end of this tenure.


Yours is the second seat in the Indy Hall executive council. Thus, what is required of you is greater than what is required of others who made this list. You promised not to build castles in the air if elected because you have a vision for a stronger and better Katanga Republic.  If your plans are achievable, realistic and cost-effective as you said, then Katangites won’t be hanging in the air on your promises. In case you have forgotten, here are your promises, Mr. SOS:

Provision of complaint/suggestion boxes at strategic points in the hall. Except the suggestion boxes are visible to you alone, we have not seen anyone around the hall since the session began.

Organizing weekend tutorials on core courses. We understand there have been some tutorials since last semester. We anticipate seeing more. Good job!

Making available course materials and past questions. By now, we believe you should have gathered enough of these. So, what’s keeping you from making them available for Katangites?

Organizing pre-exam overnight tutorials for specific courses. This wasn’t done in the first semester due to reasons best known to you. Second-semester exams are approaching; buckle up, Mr. Afeniforo!

Working with the council to see to the renovation of the Secretariat. The secretariat is still as it was, maybe even worse. What happened to your renovation plans? Remember you were asked how you would actualise it, and you were quick to mention “I will seek for sponsorship.” We hope you will get enough sponsorship to fulfil the promise before the session ends.


When there’s disarray in a house, functionality is only an illusion. How orderly have you kept the Great Independence Hall since you resumed office as the House Secretary?

Are the hall properties properly managed to date? Below are your promises to Katangites; how far have you gone with them?

Renovation of Independence Hall Gate Arc. To the best of our knowledge, the arc hasn’t been renovated or repaired yet. What’s stalling this plan? Where are the sponsors you promised to seek, dear seeker? You still have enough time to fulfil this promise, only if you would brace up!

Changing/Renovation of JCR Chairs. The change of chairs in the JCR was carried out by the last administration. Divert the change towards something else and stop patting yourself on the back. The JCR could do with neater curtains, functional extension boxes, and a performing AC.

Two big baskets at the Hall’s Quadrangle. Except you are claiming we are blind, we haven’t seen these baskets since the session began. And that means dirtiness around the quadrangle is still occurring. What are your plans for providing a basket? Has it become difficult to supply baskets in the hall?

Using a generator to pump water for Katangites whenever there is no electricity. We understand that this has gotten worse in the past weeks, as Katangites are left stranded when there’s no power supply. Money has now been disbursed to your office; has the generator been repaired? What are your plans for the water needs of the Hall? A water-starved hall has no right to claim the appellation “the Only Living Hall”.

Mr. House Secretary, why is it that the clotheslines in the hall cannot adequately serve the occupants, seeing as the hall is currently half-empty? What happened to replacing tired ropes with new ones? There are wireless poles, and Katangites’ washed clothes have shifted focus to the almost always wet grass. Do something about the clotheslines quickly; do not let the people regret giving you their mandate.


According to you ‘’ I’m determined and fully prepared to carry out my responsibility and constitutional duties to enhance the growth and development of all Katangites’’. If that be the case, how transparently have you disclosed the financial status of the Hall? The financial statement board is nothing to write home about. You have not made any moves to repair it. What then is the assurance that you would publish the Hall’s financial status as you are constitutionally bound to? Should we then say that you are above the laws binding the hall of residence?

Proper marketing and branding of the hall. What committees have you set up in this regard? Perhaps you have even forgotten you made this promise. You saw it as a fancy thing to say, and decided to include it in your plans. What moves have you made to brand and market Indy Hall? What sponsorships have you bagged for the hall? What external revenue have you generated using this plan since this session began?

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Mr. Goodluck, in your own words, you vied for the position of sports commissioner because of your “inherent love and passion and knowledge in sports.” If these qualities are inherent as you claimed, we believe your promises should have a higher chance at success. How far have you gone with the following:

Bringing back a multi-sport system. You promised to repair the tennis board and seek sponsorship from Pastor Tony Rapu, a notable alumnus from the hall. As at this moment, the only ‘’multi- sport’’ available in the hall is football. Where is Pastor Tony? Where is the repaired tennis board? Do you even remember you promised this at all?

Furnishing the Maracana. You promised to create a painted barricade around the Maracana, and also write to local companies to place adverts on them. You specifically gave a price range for all it will cost. Unfortunately, the Maracana is still as it was two years ago; a weak barbed wire fence torn barricades, and a big pool of murky water in the middle of the field. What’s happening, Mr. Doeju?

Conducting a webinar session for Katangites:  We commend you for successfully holding this webinar during the first semester. Good job!

Forming a Sports Men Forum: The last time we checked, this forum is as alive as Buhari’s promise of positive change in Nigeria. Are the sportsmen too many to gather?


Safeguarding the health of every Kantagite is your primary duty as the health commissioner, and we believe that with the vast political health offices you’ve occupied in the past, you should be able to function effectively and efficiently as the Health Commissioner. Anything short of this expectation is mediocrity.

Run chemistry and microbial laboratory tests on water in the hall.  When did you test and treat the water? There are still reoccurrences of the infections you planned to prevent. Scientist Mujeeb, what is stalling this plan? You have few months to fulfil your promise and save your “reputation”.

Erection of demarcation on dumping ground along Queen Idia Hall village. This dumping site has now become a major concern for Katangites and the university as large. You saw this as a problem, you included it in your plans; why is it still a problem? What strategic steps have you taken towards solving the issue? Take action, Mr Adegbenro!

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Adequate food inspection in the cafeteria. What Katangites take into their body is important as it affects their development. Have you for once visited the cafeteria to inspect? Why do servers and cooks disregard Covid-19 protocol?

Timely washing of tanks and changing of damaged ones. You have mustered the courage to wash some tanks. Kudos!  However, remember that Katangites often use the water in the black tanks in front of A Block and the Mosque, especially when there is a power outage and a low water supply. These tanks need to be washed too.


If you have been a member of the Independence Hall Defence & Security since the 2017/2018 session, we expect nothing short of excellence in your current position as the Defence Commissioner. You made the following promises. One of them, you have not fulfilled and can no longer fulfil. We hope others will not follow suit.

Sensitisation during Freshers’ Orientation. The freshers’ orientation took place on Saturday, 14 August 2021. From our findings, there was no sensitisation. The Abefele group was not present. What happened? You forgot?

Proper apprehension of intruders. Have the steel handcuffs and leather whips been brought for proper apprehension of thieves in the hall? You promised this, remember?

There is also the need for awareness messages. You did not promise this, we know. But since you did not orientate freshers, what is hindering you from sending awareness broadcast messages every now and then?


Promises hold no water till they have become plans for which you have begun actions to achieve. Dear Indy Hall executive council members, this scrutiny is a pointer to the fact that you still have enough time to fulfil your promises before the end of your tenure. You might have forgotten you made some of those promises, and perhaps you are eyeing another position in the hall already. There is nothing that qualifies you for a higher mandate if you fail to fully fulfil the promises of your current mandate. If your promises are truly meant for Katangites, then nothing should stop you from bringing them to pass. According to Dietrich Bonhoeffer, ‘’Action springs not from thoughts, but a readiness for responsibility’’. Be responsible; put in the work!


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