Campus Issues With Amazon: The Hunting Hunters


“OG! It’s plenty! Hundred! Your face show, your shoe sef shine, Olohun, e full ground  now.” With both hands lifted, Ade jokingly hails his friend in greeting. 

“Ade money, Adex funds, spending, lavishing! Show us the way now.” 

You better use compass, or make you use Google maps.” 

“Ade money! You don start eh? No dey disguise, my guy. Spend this money, dem no dey  do dorime for heaven oh

“Chuks, shey you dey whine me ni iiiiiiiiiii, noo no oh oh oh oh oh…” 

“Lmao! But, you sef sabi say after you, na you now, even before you sef, na still you.” 

Try dey calm down oh. I be God? Come off it jor! Make I no even forget, how we go  run convocation things now?” 

“Na rice hunting sure pass now. You know say I no fit loose guard for that kind thing  parole.” 

“Oshey, hunter! Na there dem dey see you. You no dey ever carry last for that kind thing,  you even like party jollof pass us wey una dey everly shout say we like owambe.” 

“You no talk say you been dey carry me for mind now, you don finally get chance to  abuse me. Na you sabi, na convocation rice we dey talk about here, person wey cook  am sef no go dey happy if we allow am waste.” 

“”For your mind now, you dey help them ministry be that o! Chuks, chuks!!!” 

“No be true I talk so? If we the very important personalities no show face and dem come  carry cooler go house, you think say dem go dey happy? Even God no go dey happy  with us.” 

“Hmmmm! You have a point there. God says we should rejoice with those who are  rejoicing. Now, it’s time to rejoice with those who have finally graduated after years of  studies and ASUU strike, plus or minus four years no be beans

“Now you’re talking! Plus, let me tell you, things like convocation rice hunt are part of  the courses you have to take back to back as an undergraduate. If we don’t do it now,  when else are we going to do it?” 

“Guy, you dey burst my brain I swe*r! Convocation rice hunt 101, 204, 308, 404; na  compulsory courses wey person suppose fourpoint o.” 

“They’re just as important as Idia 104, Awo 206, Queens 351 and the rest. There’s no  way you can make memories on campus without taking such requisite courses.” 

How you wan even dey tell your story if you no take them? E no get why freshers’  welcome rice dey sweet when you no be fresher? 

Na true o! Na because you suppose enjoy am every year back to back till you graduate  now.” 

“You know ball. My own backpack is ready and strong enough for the job; on Monday,  we hunt.” 

See person wey talk say I like party jollof pass am o! Anyway, on Monday and Tuesday,  we hunt and store rice enough to last for the week.” 

“That’s how we roll, my guy. I hereby declare Monday and Tuesday lecture-free, by the  powers vested in me. ” 

“Vested in you by who eh?” 

That one concern you o! ” 

“Okay now. I don tell the two freshers wey dey my room say make dem no go snooze  o. Cos na who snooze go loose.” 

You are doing well. We can’t allow these very important traditions to die, yunno; we  have to pass them on to each set by informing and actively working with them, so they  can master these traditions well enough to be able to pass them on to those coming  after them.” 

“Sensational! But on a more serious note, you’re right. We must keep the traditions alive  so as not to incur the wrath of the gods, my guy.” 

“You mean the gods of festivities?” 


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