The Gentlemen Of The Night

By: Ibreed The people on my street always wonder how my father, who was once without a job for months, now has a fleet of cars and chains of business organizations to his name. A few months ago, he demolished the rough building we once lived in, and erected a […]

Campus Issues With Amazon: Catching Up

By: Amazon “Where your own belle?” “Belle as how?” “No be belle everybody dey take resume?” “This Betty sef, you’re not serious o. Where your own too, or you no dey among everybody?” “I no dey among, I don born my own. In fact, na twins.” “Na so!” Both girls […]

Campus Issues with Amazon: A Thin Line

“Aren’t you coming along?” “To do what exactly, please?” “To get vaccinated, of course. Babe, quit acting like you don’t know that and get your lazy butt off that bed so we can get going already!” “Get going where o, Aunty June? Me? Vaccine? God forbid!” June almost can’t believe […]

Campus Issues with Amazon: Premium Yawa

“No way! Like seriously, this is not happening again! This had better be a big joke or something. Do they even consider us at all while making decisions? I’m almost hundred percent sure that they don’t. Like! I can’t even believe they’ll do this to us again!!!” Steve threw his […]