Independence Hall AG and former SOS involved in altercation with KRIEC members

There was an altercation between the Independence Hall Administrator General Adejumo Uthman (Wemmy), the former Secretary of State Afeniforo Progress, and members of the Katanga Republic Independent Electoral Commission(KRIEC) on Tuesday Night.

At around 7 pm, Tuesday evening, there was an altercation at the A block basement, Independence Hall.

It is believed that the altercation was caused by the recently released results of the Katanga Republic Independence Electoral Commission (KRIEC). The KRIEC had earlier on Monday morning, released the results of the screening of candidates that had been conducted on Saturday the 27th of May.

It started when the former Secretary of State of the hall, Progress was involved in an argument with some members of the KRIEC.

Afterwards, some stakeholders of the hall, present decided to interfere in the argument, questioning the presence and actions of the former SOS.

The current Administrator General of the hall, Adejumo Uthman was also present at the argument. The former Administrator General, Olaogun Temitope (Doctor Tee), then showed up at the scene to question the actions of the AG and the former SOS.

Wemmy then turned to face him and started hurling derogatory words at his predecessor. While this was going on, other Katangites then showed up on the scene to quell the issue.

One of the people present who spoke on the condition of anonymity shared what he witnessed.

“I was on my way back from the gate, and I saw some finalists in the hall, the current AG, and the former SOS arguing with some members of the electoral committee.

“I spotted the former Indy Press Editor-in-chief John Dare. It seems like it was based on the screening result by KRIEC.

“Shortly after, the AG arrived and began to argue with the former AG and S.O.S, this attracted other katangite, who also engaged in other arguments, with some expressing their displeasure towards the KRIEC committee or the AG.”


The situation was soon quelled before fisticuffs could ensue.

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