UISU Elections: Host Supporters Clash With Tiolu Supporters In Independence Hall

By: Kelvin Omachonu 


Supporters of Samson Tobiloba(Host) President-elect of the University of Ibadan clashed with Katangites in Independence Hall after the elections that were held on Saturday.

Following the results of the Student Union elections, supporters of Host – mostly Zikites engaged in a rally to celebrate their victory in the polls.

They also passed through Independence Hall, the major stronghold of Salami Tiolu, who emerged second by a slim margin.

During their march, they took time to banter with some of the jeering Katangites who were urging them to leave. However, they refused and some Zikites went on to open the taps in front of block B.

Because of the tension in the hall after Tiolu’s loss, the situation soon degenerated with insults flying from both ends.

Both sides nearly broke into fisticuffs, but the tension was doused within a few minutes, and the Zikites left to continue their march.

For the last two sessions including this, the two halls have always been at loggerheads during SU elections despite their proximity.

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