Three UI Students Launch Another Product To Help Students

Following the successful launch of their first startup, Custimony, Adams Paul (Elect-Elect), Abu Teslim (Food Tech), and Owoeye Williams (MLS), all 500-level students of the University of Ibadan, have teamed up to launch another product called Writinova.

The launch, which was held on the 15th of September, happened on social media, where the team shared the features of the tool and how it canWritinova help students who are struggling with meeting deadlines on their academic obligations.

The solution the team proffers follows their antecedent of leveraging artificial intelligence, and it is promised to be a reliable AI assistant to help support students in the bid to write IT reports, logbooks, presentations, and the like.

In the words of the team lead, Adams Paul, “Writinova isn’t built to make students lazy. We understand the need for students to do their due diligence, but we also understand that there are peculiar situations where students will need a guide before they can turn in these documents.

“We have been there before, and we understand how overwhelming it can be not to have a sense of direction. We built Writinova to address these peculiar situations.”

Since its boom in 2020, artificial intelligence-powered assistant has been on the rise, and it has found application in virtually every sphere of human endeavours, from academics to business and health.

According to the marketing lead, Williams Owoeye, “AI has come to stay, and rather than see it as a taboo, it is high time we started exploring the boost it can give us.

“We have decided to look into our closest community, which is the student populace, to proffer a solution that a lot of students need. Aside from the tool we are providing, we will also be supporting the student community financially with as much as #150,000.

“One way students can benefit is to follow our social media pages on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Interesting giveaways will be announced soon.”

Students who are curious to know how Writinova can help them can check out their website at

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