Jaw War: Indy, Idia, Zik, ABH and Kuti Emerge Victorious On Day One

By: Favour Bamijoko 


On the 30th of January, 2024, the biggest public speaking event in Sub-Saharan Africa, Jawwar, kicked off at the New Faculty Lecture Theatre, University of Ibadan.

At about 5:20pm, the designated venue, the New Faculty Lecture Theatre (NFLT) Faculty of Technology had been overwhelmingly filled with students from all Halls of Residence, even from as far as Agbowo.

Hosting the event, Precious Ibeh, and Abisinuola Forbes graced the stage and, no sooner had they graced the stage than they began the introduction of the speakers, starting with the defending champions, the Ransome Kuti Hall, after which the judges were introduced.

Judging the event were Professor Remi Aiyede, the chief Judge of the day, Dr. Adeniji from the Faculty of Law, and Mr Onele Peter Cole.

Furthermore, with words of gratitude for their “unwavering support”, the President of The Literary and Debating Society (TLDS) Aweda Bolaji thanked the school authorities, the Alumni body, sponsors and judges amongst others. Speaking further, he mentioned that this edition of JAWWAR “is different because it commemorates the 75th anniversary of the University of Ibadan.”

Speaking after the president of TLDS was Prof. Remi Aiyede, the chief judge of the day, who urged the audience to embrace quietness, especially when the speakers spoke. In addition, he listed out the criteria upon which each speaker will be assessed. According to the list mentioned, the speakers were to be assessed based on  delivery (5), time management (5), logic (10), persuasion (10), structure (10), delivery (20), while contents and facts (30) were other criteria to be evaluated.

Breaking the ice was the contest between Kuti Hall against Bello Hall, which saw a fiery performance from Abidoye Joshua.

As the event progresses, the NFLT descended into a terrible din, which saw the chief Judge gesticulating his plea for silence to the audience even while the speakers articulated their arguments.

In the aftermath of the contests, Yahya Bello, from Queen Idia Hall, with 78.33%, was decorated as the best speaker of the day for her stellar performance.



Kuti V. Bello: 63.5 — 66.25

Mellanby V. Idia Hall: 57.33 — 75.91

Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall V Queen Elizabeth: 70.16 — 66.25

Tedder V Alexander Brown Hall (ABH): 72.92 – 71.83

The Great Independence Hall (Indy Hall) — Obademi Awolowo Hall

71.35 – 70.61


The event will continue on Wednesday, the 2nd of February, 2024, as faculties shall be challenging each other to a battle of words, wits, and confidence.

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