“Revitalize Nigeria’s Educational System” – UI Don says

By: Sonaike Peter

A Professor of International Relations and Gender Studies in the Department of Political Science, Professor Aituaje Irene Pogoson on 14th March 2024, called for a revamp of Nigeria’s education system to enable it meet the demands of the present cutting edge high-tech economy.

According to her, the revamp will see to the ability of Nigeria to maintain a favorable position in the dynamics of global power and the emerging new international order.

Professor Pogoson made this call during the delivery of 545th Inaugural lecture which was titled “The world in Transition:Understanding Power in the place of International Political Systems”.

“Nigeria must be in the growing number of nations attempting to create globally competitive educational systems. The imperative of the role of education as an instrument of soft power in the sphere of politics and geopolitics continues to increase as global changes emerge” Professor Pogoson said.

She further stressed that Nigeria’s place in the world is intricately linked to the fair treatment of its educators and the vitality of its education sector.

Professor Pogoson then proceeded to make a submission that only states with developed education systems can attract the most talented foreign students to compete effectively in the global competition for minds.

According to her, the state’s soft power is found in the provision of international educational opportunities for students, home and abroad.



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