Supplementary Budget: “Follow Due Process” – Indy Hall Legislative Council tells AG


By: Victor Ogunyemi

The supplementary budget presented by the Administrator General of the Great Independence Hall, Mr Ogunyemi Samuel, at the Hall Legislative Council sitting held on Saturday, 24th March 2024, has been rejected on the ground that it failed to follow due legislative process.

The Speaker of the Hall’s Legislative Council, Rt. Hon Samuel Olaoye noted that the budget could not be considered, on the basis that it was not presented to the Council beforehand, nor had a letter been written to the house indicating the need for such.

“On the supplementary budget, the house did not deliberate on it because there is always a due process for everything. The AG does not have to appeal to pity or emotion when he can appeal to reason,” the Speaker said.

“He should write a letter to the house. Assuming he wrote a letter to the house and he is presenting a supplementary budget, there is no way the house will deny him that,” Rt. Hon Samuel Olaoye explained.

‘The supplementary budget’, according to the Speaker of the Council, ‘was not part of the main agenda for the plenary sitting’.

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