Sequel to the released screening result by the Katanga Republic Independent Electoral Commission (KRIEC), which is the body in charge of the electoral conduct of the Great Independence Hall of Residence, as released on Sunday, 14th of April, 2024, this is to notify all student-residents of the Great Independence Hall, and by extension the entire University of Ibadan community, that Indypress Organization, will only recognize successfully screened candidates at the scheduled Press Night event.


In clear terms, any aspirant into executive positions, screened to be either ‘disqualified’ or ‘pending’ have no business at the official press night convergence, and are strongly advised to take heed.


As an organization, we subscribe to doing due diligence to electioneering or democratic process, and will not out of fear or favour compromise our integrity.


By this notice, we inform and urge the electoral commission, all student residents, and the general public to respect our stance.

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